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MenusThe French Paradox Menus

We offer breakfast, lunch and evening menus.

If you're in a hurry, we have a French Tapas (bites) menu.

Lunch menu

 Lunch Menu Apr16  Lunch Menu Feb 17 (97.9 KB)Lunch Menu Feb 17

 Lunch specials Feb17 Lunch Specials Feb17 (130.9 KB) Lunch Specials Feb17

Dinner menu

Dinner Spring 2015  Dinner Menu Feb17 (61.8 KB)Dinner Menu Feb17 

Dinner Spring 2015 Dinner specials Feb17 (88.8 KB)Dinner specials Sample Feb17 

Dessert menu

DessertDessert menu 2016 - The French Paradox Dublin

Wine menu
Sample Wine List  Sample Wine List (271.7 KB)Sample Wine List 

We have over 60 wines freshly available by the glass and over 200 bottles from our cellar.